What you get

Everything you need to understand the principles of power (FTP) and how to apply them. Understand what FTP is, how to test it, and how to design and deliver sessions with power that work for everyone. PLUS these bonuses (and 10 more)

  • Checklists for studio setup

  • Downloads for rider records

  • Access to loads of predesigned sessions with music

  • Ready made FTP test sessions

  • Tips, tricks and tools to add a whole new dimension to your classes

Course curriculum

    1. Before we begin...

    2. Who are we?

    3. What this course covers

    1. Intensity

    2. Other factors determining intensity

    3. Rate of perceived exertion and energy systems

    4. Knowledge review: Intensity

    1. Essential elements of workout effectiveness

    2. Importance of correct bike setup when training with power

    3. Riding technique

    4. Pedalling technique

    5. Knowledge review: Efficiency and effectiveness

    1. What is power?

    2. Using power as a target

    3. Power or heartrate training?

    4. More on power and heartrate

    5. How power is measured

    6. Knowledge review: Power

    1. My riders aren't cyclists, so what's the point?

    2. What riders get

    3. Universal benefits of training with power

    4. Different rider, different power output

    5. Knowledge review: Rider benefit

    1. Functional threshold power (FTP)

    2. Who should do a FTP test?

    3. Pre-test nutrition

    4. Running an FTP test session

    5. When To Do an FTP Test

    6. What cadence should you use for an FTP test?

    7. How to do an FTP test

    8. 60 min power test

    9. 20 min power test

    10. 8 min power test

    11. 5 min power test

    12. Ramp test

    13. Limitations of an inaccurate FTP test

    14. What if it goes down?!

    15. Top tips for an effective FTP test

    16. Let's do a power test

    17. Knowledge review: FTP

About this course

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  • 91 lessons