Course curriculum

    1. What this course covers

    2. Who are we?

    1. How Intelligent Cycling makes great instructing easy

    2. How Intelligent Cycling can help you motivate your riders

    1. [ACTION POINT] Creating an account

    2. [ACTION POINT] Integrations

    3. Side bar menu

    4. Setting your training parameters

    1. Making sure your max heartrate is accurate

    2. Making sure your FTP is accurate

    1. Finding great sessions you can use straight away

    2. Ticket To Ride function

    3. Open Goal function

    4. Connecting heartrate monitor and/or bike

    5. Riding/instructing your session

    6. Reviewing your workout history

    1. Premium features

    2. Selecting a session

    3. Choosing your display option

    4. Exploring The Journey

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